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Plastic Letters for Signs

Formed Plastic LetterOur Plastic Sign Letters are available in many combinations of style and color to meet your signage needs. We understand the many variables in the selection of your plastic sign letter solutions... and we're here to help.

Plastic material is guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade.  We are so sure of the durability of our formed, injection molded and flat cut plastic letters that we will replace them if they ever chip, crack or fade due to a manufacturing defect. The Gemini Plastic Sign Letters we offer are unquestionably the best in the world!

Full range of customization options available. If over 100 styles and 30 colors are just not enough for your plastic letters, we can customize our process to match nearly any design you might have. If you do not see the style or color you require, call us to find out if it can be provided as a custom plastic letter style or a custom plastic letter color.

Formed plastic letters costs less than many other products because of the use of recycled material! These formed plastic letters are made from CAB (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) which is a renewable resource material with incredible resiliency. It allows us to use any scrap or factory rejects in new product to keep our material usage to an absolute minimum. These savings from recycling are passed on to you!

Our attempt has been to show you a variety of products here online, however, if you don't see what you need, please let us know how we can help --- we also supply custom logos and sign letter styles.

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